Many organizations collect large amounts of data to use for acquisition, customer relationship management, and marketing purposes, among others. But as the amount of data and the number of sources increase, it becomes increasingly difficult to keep all the files clean. Working with the right data is therefore a major challenge for many companies. Therefore it is important to look into improving the data quality.

Quality data necessary

After all, analyses based on poor quality data are useless and – worse – they can even lead to wrong decisions. So what determines the data quality of data sources? It is mainly in the following aspects:

  • Completeness: are all relevant data present?
  • Correctness: are the data syntactically and substantively correct?
  • Uniqueness: is each relationship in the central file unique?
  • Timeliness: are all data up to date?

Increased efficiency, growth and competitive advantage

So good data quality is crucial for organizations. Because only then can the marketing department compile a complete customer profile. And only the right data can help the sales department to better prepare for sales calls, or ensure fewer unnecessary (and expensive) incoming customer service calls, to name but a few examples. In short: only good data quality can contribute to greater efficiency, growth and competitive advantage.

The solution

Talend Platform for Data Management, Data Services or Master Data Management are solutions that can help organizations clean up, harmonize and synchronize data in different systems for improving data quality. By controlling, correcting, data deduplication and enriching data, these solutions provide clean, high-quality data that makes organizations better able to achieve their goals.

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