Mendix is an industry leading, all-in-one, low-code application development platform that helps organizations build multi-experience, enterprise grade applications at scale. The platform is designed to accelerate the entire development lifecycle, from ideation to deployment and operation, while enabling collaboration at each step. 


In cimt’s pursuit to support their customers in the complete digital transformation, cimt partners with Mendix in order to provide their customers customized front end solutions. Mendix allows cimt to build applications that allow our customers access and control over their data, as well as support and guidance through their business processes. 

Mendix provides a platform that bridges the gap between business and development. As a low code development platform for enterprise applications, it makes creating applications for cimt’s customers more accessible and more efficient due to out of the box reusable components and UIs.

Model-driven development allows for visualization of how the app works as it is being built with the ability to launch with one-click deployment. Using the collaborative platform, an agile way of working is supported by the Mendix portal, and the visual development environment allows business to easily understand the development progress.  

App Development

Mendix provides two platforms to collaborate on app development. 

  • In Mendix Studio, a browser-based development environment, citizen developers can actively participate in the creation of solutions. This simple-to-use, WYSIWYG environment enables non-technical domain experts to ideate and iterate rapidly.  
  • For professional developers, Mendix Studio Pro is a desktop-based development environment which includes all the capabilities required for software development, including the ability to add custom code when needed.  


Mendix is container based and cloud native by default. Because of this, users are free to deploy anywhere and scale to any size without redesign. According to the Mendix ideology: ‘multi-cloud doesn’t need to be complex. Mendix solutions will run on your chosen platform. Public cloud, private cloud, hybrid cloud or on-premises. 

  • Mendix Cloud is a cloud native application platform as a service (aPaaS) optimized for Mendix applications. Unleash the power and speed of cloud deployments in a trusted, Mendix managed environment. Avoid the hassle of cloud operations, Mendix Cloud is quickest way to deliver low-code solutions to market. 
  • Mendix for Private Cloud brings Low-Ops application lifecycle management to your own Kubernetes-based (virtual) private cloud. Modernize Dev and Ops together, ship solutions faster, and tackle your development backlog on cutting edge infrastructure. 
  • Mendix Cloud Dedicated makes it possible to have a dedicated instance of the Mendix Cloud (cloud native aPaaS). Achieve complete control and isolation of your environment with the simplicity of Mendix managed services on a premier cloud offering.