December is the perfect month to look back. At cimt, we do so with a positive feeling. For us, 2015 was a successful year full of new developments. We had the opportunity to carry out numerous exciting projects and many beautiful assignments. This would not have been possible without our partners and relations. We would therefore like to thank you very much for your trust and the pleasant cooperation.

Energy, light and passion

Three words come to mind as we look back on the past year.

  • Energy – which we get from our work every day and the tremendous flow of work we have experienced over the past year.
  • Light – as a symbol for the way we want to serve our customers: in the ever-increasing maze of data, we like to show them the way to get the right information from all their data flows.
  • Passion – with which we carry out our work. Every day brings new challenges for us, which we enjoy putting our shoulders to the wheel.

New year, new developments

We would like to toast the new year with you! 2016 is expected to be another year full of interesting developments in the field of information management. We look forward to the future with confidence and we sincerely hope that we will be able to work with you again in the new year.

We wish you happy holidays and an energetic, light and passionate 2016!