Our integration portfolio – What is actually possible at cimt in terms of integration? Quite a lot, says management consultant Taco van het Reve. He lists all the possibilities.

First introduce yourself

First, let’s give Taco a chance to introduce himself as a new cimt colleague. ‘On November 1, I started working at cimt in the role of management consultant,’ he explains. ‘In the past twelve years I have worked for IBM, ING and Rabobank, among others. At cimt I am responsible for everything from pre-sales to implementation and project management. A very nice challenge that I really look forward to!

Tools and training

Like all new cimt colleagues, Taco has started various training and education courses to get to know the cimt methodologies and products well. ‘It’s a lot of information, though, that you get to see in a short period of time, but there are really some highlights. One example is Talend’s data-prep tool, which allows you to master data quality as a self-service quickly and easily. Very useful and educational!” says Taco enthusiastically.

Our integration portfolio

He also has the honor of reviewing the cimt integration portfolio. And there are quite a few possibilities!

ESB Integration

An Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) controls the integration between different applications, such as a CRM and an ERP system. We have a lot of experience with SAP integration and have supervised several successful implementations in this area. In addition, we have specialized in ERP integration in general: we can also handle implementations with JD Edwards and Navision. And do you have a webshop? Then it’s good to know that integrations with eCommerce systems such as Intershop, Marketo and Lightspeed are also possible. An ESB also allows you to seamlessly link your POS POS systems to your inventory system.


Talend’s software also offers plenty of possibilities when, for example, a migration to a new CRM or ERP system is required. For example, we recently converted one of the largest Dutch payment providers from Navision to SAP and Microsoft CRM. Thanks to our years of practical experience with Talend, a flawless transition was guaranteed.

Data Quality (DQ)

For many companies, it is a major challenge to keep the data quality in their operational systems in order. Our software can help. For example, Talend’s Data Quality Module and the Data Steward Console can be used to remove duplicates, enhance address data with external data and identify other data quality issues.

Data Integration (DI)

In data integration, data from different data sources and operational systems are merged and can be used seamlessly for integrated reporting in BI tools like Microsoft Strategy and Jaspersoft. We are currently executing such a project for one of the largest retailers in the Netherlands.

Want to know more?

Curious about the possibilities for your company? Feel free to call or email us, we would love to talk to you further!