What about the data flows in your organization?
This will give you more overview and control!

Just a question of conscience… What about the data flows in your organization? Is your company mainly using Excel sheets to keep track of, measure and process data? And are these files also floating around everywhere, without you knowing what exactly is where and who has access to the data? In other words: are the data flows in your organization really in order?

Imagine the following scenario for a moment. An employee in the marketing department sends an Excel sheet of customer data to the IT department, requesting that the data be used for a marketing campaign. At that moment, the file is in two mailboxes: both the marketing employee and the IT employee. And the chance that one of these two files will eventually start to lead a life of its own is not inconceivable. Certainly not when, for example, new customers have to be added. Because in which file are the new data processed? And who will remember over time which version is the right one?

Lost the overview

Organizations that work this way run the risk of quickly losing the overview. In addition, data repair in Excel is a time-consuming task and often requires specialist knowledge, which many users do not have. Fortunately, there is now a practical solution available: Talend Data Preparation.

More control over your data flows

With Talend Data Preparation, you create more control over your data flows and significantly reduce the risk of errors. The tool offers the following benefits:

  1. Cleaning up and enriching data is easy and fast: it no longer takes hours of work, but can be done within minutes.
  2. The self-service concept ensures that anyone can use the tool, without help from the IT department: users do not need specific IT knowledge or skills to work with the software.
  3. As an organization, you create control over the source data and data streams: Excelfiles lying around are now a thing of the past.


cimt is happy to help you get your data flows under control. Would you like to experience for yourself how easy Talend Data Preparation works? An online demo or live on site is always possible! Please contact us to schedule an appointment.

Two versions

Talend Data Preparation is available in two variants. A free version and a version that requires a license. We list the specifications briefly.

The free version of Talend Data Preparation:

  • Single user, desktop based.
  • Full dataprep functionality: all features from the paid version are also available in the free version.
  • Import and export capabilities: both Excel and csv files can be processed.
  • “Do-it-yourself” data prep tool, allowing easy creation of macros (“recipes”) for common operations.
  • The processing of the data takes place on the desktop, so the performance also depends on the performance of the respective desktop.

The licensed version of Talend Data Preparation:

  • Role-based security for multiple users: comprehensive governance and control over your data.
  • Self-service model with control over users and datasets; datasets are processed on the server, so no heavy load on desktop.
  • Suitable for collaboration and sharing: Data Prep recipes (macros) created by the business can be reused by other users.
  • Full integration possible with the Talend Data Fabric.
  • The Data Prep tool, together with Talend’s Data Integration product, forms a strong combination.
  • The tool is scalable regardless of the number of users.
  • Secure and real-time: by linking directly to source data, your data sets are always up-to-date.
  • Better performance due to in-memory processing: the tool works with sample data sets and, in addition, processing of large data sets is possible.

When is Talend Data Preparation of interest to you?

Would you like to …:

  • … a better overview and more control over your data flows?
  • … get rid of those Excel sheets lying around everywhere for good?
  • … be able to collect, standardize and connect data from different sources quickly and error-free?
  • … from a “Do-It-Yourself” to “Managed Self-Service” concept within your organization?
  • … be less dependent on the IT department?
  • … more freedom and autonomy in the business?

… Then get to know Talend Data Preparation quickly!

Want to know more?

Do you still have questions? Then you can always call or email us. We will be happy to tell you more about the possibilities.

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