Training & Enablement - A start with Talend is quick and the visual modeling is simple to get started with. But as with any software product, professional training ensures better results and a focused start. Our Talend training courses cover all the necessary Talend functionalities and also include a healthy dose of best-practices in the areas of data integration, data quality, ESB or cloud integration.

Talend Training

As a partner of Talend, we can draw on years of experience in developing and managing Talend environments. For some of our customers, Talend was new or we were able to train new employees in the daily use of certain modules of the platform. Based on the appreciation we’ve received for this, we’ve decided to create a training program that can be offered to different user groups within your organization: both the complete beginner and the experienced user.

Learn from our certified Talend trainers and choose the content and timing that best fits your organization.

Our training courses are characterized by the focus on transferring skills that can immediately be put into practice. This makes them a kickstart, as it were, to your Talend career or a ‘show me the ropes’ that you can immediately use, based on the existing knowledge and skills.

Talend Training Nederland

First steps and best practices with tailored use cases and exercises

Our basic training courses are generally well-defined, with attention to a solid introduction to the field on which the module focuses, as well as building your first data transformation jobs. Other trainings are usually tailored to your own training needs. This is because we find that employees often have very diverse backgrounds. A standard approach would therefore not fit in here. After all, we want you to get the most out of our training courses.

You can choose from the following topics:

  • Talend Data integration Training
  • Talend ESB / API Services Training
  • Talend Data Quality Training
  • Talend Cloud Training
  • Talend Data Stewardship Training

Training courses with personal attention for up to 10 participants

Effectiveness of the trainings is the reason we prefer to work with smaller groups, up to about ten people. This ensures that we can maintain a good atmosphere and still give attention to the individual. We provide the content and if desired the location.

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Completely new to Talend?

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Talend Kick-Start – PoC Package

Our Talend Kick-Start Proof of Concept (PoC) package is intended for companies interested in learning about Talend’s capabilities without starting a large project right away, thus keeping the investment for evaluation small. Based on two or three use cases, we will make a proposal to set them up with Talend and, if possible, deploy them productively right away. This way, you immediately generate a return on investment (ROI) from the first implementation and can evaluate the possibilities of Talend in a production context.

Rapid ROI for your investment in new technologies

Are you interested in deploying Talend, for example, to replace legacy environments? Would you like to automate and accelerate manual processes? Would you like to evaluate the potential of open source software to replace expensive and closed environments? A PoC with Talend is an easy way to immediately create added value for your organization and investigate further use cases for future expansion. You also avoid the risk of replacing crucial parts of your IT landscape straight away and can run Talend as a new solution in parallel with your existing applications.

Talend Kick-Start – PoC Packages

We offer Kick-Start PoC packages for the following Talend solutions:

  • Talend Data Management Solutions
    • Talend Data Integration
    • Talend Data Preparation
    • Talend Data Quality
  • Talend ESB for application integration
  • Data Migration
  • Data Discovery / Monitoring
  • ETL, DWH & Business intelligence (Big Data, Real-Time, Streaming,…)
  • Business process automation with Machine Learning

Benefits for your organization

During a typical PoC of 5 to 10 days we will implement a suitable solution based on your use cases. For this we use the open source version of Talend or an evaluation license of the Enterprise or Platform versions. We work as transparently as possible during the use case implementation and preferably in collaboration with your specialists, so that your organization immediately becomes the owner of the solution and can evaluate it correctly during a deployment in your production environment. In doing so, we also use our development standards and best practice frameworks, so you can reuse them for further implementations. During the PoC you will be supported by our senior experts and architects, to also evaluate strategic and architecture issues.

Examples for PoC scenarios

  • Data Analysis and Dashboards
  • Data Preparation for BI & DWH
  • Data Cleansing, Stewardship and Governance
  • Application Integration of Operational Systems
  • EDI Couplings
  • Webservice/API Integration
  • E-Commerce / Website Connections

More Information

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