What is the power of Talend open Studio? More and more companies are making use of open source tools in their IT infrastructure. Not surprisingly, because open source offers many advantages. Would you also like to experience this for yourself? With Talend’s Open Studio, you can get started quickly and easily with solving data integration challenges!

Easy entry and immediate start

Talend Open Studio makes it easy to get started and learn about the Talend product. Talend Open Studio is a comprehensive tool with many features. Moreover, many manuals and documentation are publicly available to help you to get started. So you can get started right away with Talend Open Studio and experience the power of this tool.

Why we believe in open source

At cimt, we have been using open source software tools for a long time. We have built and extended solutions for various customers and projects, and then made them available to the open source community. Read why we believe in open source here.

Curious and want to know more?

You can download Talend Open Studio here.

Would you like to have more information or help with your first steps into the Talend world? Don’t hesitate to contact us.