In September, we would like to invite you to our roadshow “SAP Integration with Talend”. During our information sessions, we will discuss the challenges that companies face when it comes to integration within complex IT environments and access to data from SAP systems.

From our practice

Based on concrete reference scenarios from our daily practice, we will present the possibilities of Talend Data Fabric and Cloud services in cooperation with SAP. We will show you how Talend’s flexible and open integration framework can support you in making data available across the board and centrally managing information flows, independent of source systems and deployed technology.

SAP Process Integration with Talend

A critical aspect of business operations is a holistic view of processes and data flows. To this end, innovation and information management are crucial building blocks of your IT strategy. In this regard, SAP remains an essential part of modern IT landscapes due to its role as an ERP platform with one of the most comprehensive functional process catalogs.

Especially because of SAP’s central role, integration aspects are an important but also cost-intensive element to fully support business processes. To ensure long-term success in the digital economy, simple and cost-effective tools are needed. These can significantly reduce the complexity of integrations – especially within heterogeneous system landscapes.

SAP-integration use cases

The diversification of modern IT architectures based on a “best-of-breed” strategy means that processes are no longer implemented only in a closed environment. Chain links and overarching data flows based on SOA, Microservices or ESB architectures are frequently used for this purpose. SAP systems, which are designed for transactional data processing and play a central role in most processes, must also be able to be flexibly integrated into these architectures.

Talend offers a scalable and open integration framework and thus the possibility of linking SAP systems with external systems in any way desired via standard APIs (BAPI, RFC, Web service, etc.) and thereby further optimizing business processes. Examples include:

  • Integration with cloud systems such as salesforce.com
  • Linking with external services and partners
  • Making microservices available based on SAP.

Talend has a complete set of specific components for integrating SAP systems in a native manner, making it a leader in this field. Through direct access to SAP metadata and structures, these can be used within visual mappings and process flows in Talend easily and without development in SAP.

Hybrid Analytics – Cloud and Big Data Integration

Analysis and data management platforms are fulfilling an increasingly important function. Here, in addition to classic reporting and data warehouse systems, hybrid scenarios such as combinations of OLAP, Big Data and Data Vault architectures are often chosen. In particular, the linking of structured databases with several other data sources and formats is a challenge for classic systems such as SAP BW.

Many enterprises are therefore extending their system landscapes, consisting of robust standard applications, with open source applications and technologies. Within the analytics domain, the focus is particularly on scalability and flexibility with data logistic issues for integration and data quality. The Talend Big Data connectors, for example, provide one-stop access to SAP HANA data for use outside of SAP. This further maximizes the ROI of investments in your SAP infrastructure. You can also combine existing SAP master and transaction data with information from other business applications and external (big) data sources for reporting or analysis.

In the context of increasingly stringent privacy and data handling requirements, a central data governance strategy also plays an important role. With the use of self-service analytics and data-prep tools, this is even more important than ever. In the context of hybrid analytics, we would also like to explain this aspect in more detail and present to you how you can use a data management platform such as Talend to shape both data flows and also governance strategically and practically.

Roadshow – Data and locations

  • Frankfurt am Main (DE) – 19 September 2018
  • München (DE) – 20 September 2018
  • Maastricht – 25 September 2018
  • Eindhoven – 26 September 2018
  • Utrecht / Bunnik – 27 September 2018
  • Berlijn (DE) – 10 October 2018
  • Bonn (DE) – 11 October 2018
  • Hamburg (DE) – 18 October 2018

Interested? Then sign up now using the registration form. Participation is free. However, the number of places per location is limited! After your registration you will receive information about the agenda and the location.