Accelerating time to value for analytics projects

The path to successful delivery of advanced analytics is littered with delays and watering down of the accuracy through requirements to meet privacy law obligations.

Do these examples sound familiar?

  • “5 months project delay while negotiating with the DPO what data could be included”
  • “9  Months into a business transformation ML project the DPO halts all activity due to unaddressed privacy concerns”
  • “Schrems2 fallout means use of cloud analytics platforms prohibited within organisation, creating internal processing shortfall and skills shortage for IT skills”





Data Embassy Unique Solution

  • Unique Privacy as Code Solution
  • Lawful First
  • Privacy Compliance – Borderless
  • Retain 100% Analytical Accuracy
  • Maximum Utility – Relinkable to Identity
  • Auditable – Digitally Enforces Policies
  • 4x More Use cases
  • 4x Faster Speed to Actionable Insights

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